Progress on the second edition

Seeing as how it’s been more than a year since I posted, it feels like I should give an update. 🙂

I’ve been making slow but steady progress on the second edition. I’ve reworked the book all the way up to Part IV! Well, except for some examples.

After a long day at the office working on my game, it is often a really nice change of pace to come home and work a bit on the new book.

One thing that has surprised me are the tables. If you’re familiar with the book you know that Gamemastering 1st edition has quite a lot of tables. Ten years ago, I put a great deal of thought into each table. Quite a few of them I was able to add several meaningful items to. I guess that’s what ten more years of regular roleplaying does!

I’m thinking about adding a lot of art to the second edition, and greatly improving the typesetting. I don’t know if the tools I’m currently using will be up to the task, but it’s an interesting challenge.

I’ve also been considering GMing a regular online-only game to get some experience there, and because I think it would be fun to try.

Brian Jamison
Author, Gamemastering
Portland, Oregon

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