We’re just about to get started writing the Battlestations RPG in a
few months and I thought I should reread your book before I do so.  It
really is that good.

–Jeff Siadek,

Gorilla Games (

As someone who has been building and running different worlds, one-offs and campaigns for 20-odd years I still found Gamemastering full of excellent ideas that really understood the psychology and mechanics of role playing. So, if you want to run a good a combat and understand the consequences of different combat outcomes both inside and outside the game, or if you need help dealing with in-game problems and supporting players to stay on the path or solve the issue themselves in game — then download this book.

–Daniel Donahoo,

I have been DMing for quite a while now and have seen many books that have tried to be this one.  I read most of it fairly quickly and then just decided to pick one up off Amazon. Great job!

–Brian Gallagher,

Dungeon Master

Just wanted to let you know that I loved the book. I have been playing Role playing games for 30+ years and this is the first book that really spelled out many of the areas that my games have been lacking and more importantly how to fix them. I have encouraged my gaming group to read your book and hopefully we can all benefit from it.

Thank you

–Eddie Goehner

It is pure gold and it is free! Come on people! Grab it! Absolutely wonderful. Tons of advice for game masters. And the e-book is freely available!

–Juhan Voolaid

This is the best resource that I have ever read on being a GM. It has helped me more than any rulebook, sourcebook, or module. Check it out.

–Ned Leffingwell

Gamemastering, by Brian Jamison is the best book on DMing advice that I have ever read.

–Dean Gilbert,

This is My Game blog

I just found your book a few days ago and must say that I love it. It is by far the best work on GMing that I have found.

–Chris Fuchs

Your book is creative, well thought out, and superbly delivered. Your encouragement of imagination is important for any person of any age. Gamemastering puts together key concepts from NLP, improv, and linguistics. The wisdom contained in your book is valuable and I hope people open themselves up to it.  I can’t wait to get my girlfriend and family role playing!  I just bought a copy from Amazon.  Thanks, Billy

–Billy Weisberg

It is hard to recommend this book highly enough.  Gamemastering is a wonderful book, well-conceived and thoughtfully written.  Although squarely aimed at the Gamemaster, roleplayers and game designers, novice or veteran, will also find Brian Jamison’s advice invaluable.

Amid the countless ‘What is Roleplaying’ chapters to be found in most RPG books, Brian’s description of the actual point of roleplaying stands out for its clarity.  Reading it reminded me what I loved about roleplaying to begin with.  This book needs wider recognition and distribution, and as Brian has made the PDF free to download, there is no reason for it not to be.

–Erik Salholm